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Putting together the all new

By administrator - Posted on 06 June 2008

Just thought I'd keep posting the day to day updates as I put together the all new [In reverse chronological order]

June 10, 08: More abdalians join the testing team!

June 09, 08: Yahoo Groups functionality has been replicated on the portal! Now trying to move all previous conversations from Yahoo Groups to this portal.

June 07, 08: Work on Yahoo Groups like functionality has begun with full force!

June 07, 08: Four volunteers have joined in to help with the testing:)

June 06, 08: Some more fixes and call for public testing

May,08: Slumber:)

April 04, 08: Basic webmail functionality introduced

April 04, 08: Asad gave his feedback.

March 25, 08: Work on Abdalian Directory has begun.

March 19, 08: M. Ali gave his feedback.

March 18, 08: KIM gave some very good feedback.

March 18, 08: Testing of the final pre-launch version started by Asad Mir, KIM & M. Ali.

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