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Re: Marriot Blast-and Rehman Mailk

By Javaid Nazir - Posted on 22 September 2008


A few weeks back, I met an ISI (recently retired) Brig. over a dinner party in Washington DC, and this is what he had to say about Rehman Malik,


" Rehman Malik has very close ties with British MI5 ,and he getting the post of an Interior Minister of Pakistan is like do'od ki rakhwali aik billay kay suppard ker di jaie.... "


Zardari/Rehman Malik duo is corrupt and criminal. If anythig happens today to these interest in Pakistan; one will fly off to Dubai and other to UK. These two individual has no long term interest in Pakistan.


--- On Sun, 9/21/08, Kim <> wrote:

From: Kim <>
Subject: [Abdalian] Marriot Blast-American Soldiers seen moving trunks and Rehman Mailk
To: "Kim" <>
Date: Sunday, September 21, 2008, 5:11 AM

Only Allah knows what is the truth behind this tragedy, some one even suggested that Rehman Malik or PPP team, who were involved in Oct 18 2008 incident and then BB’s killing, can stage such a thing and get 50-60 people killed to prove some points just before Zardari's US visit. I think more these theories will surface soon...




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